L-R David Rosenthal, Chuck Bürgi, Larry Baud, Tristan Avakian, Greg Smith



RED DAWN is the kind of band that comes along only once in a great while.
A band with impact, punch and power, but also melody, style and taste. Five rock and roll veterans with a chemistry that shines through on every recorded cut...and in every note and nuance of their stage assault.

At the center of the storm is keyboardist/producer David Rosenthal, a Berklee-trained musician who came to prominence as a member of the influential supergroup, Rainbow. David contributed to Rainbow's last three albums, helping to shape such hits as "Stone Cold", and "Street of Dreams". Not one to stand still, David moved on to a series of tours with the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Robert Palmer, Little Steven, and is currently touring with Billy Joel on the "River of Dreams" World Tour. This mammoth tour also includes 33 sold-out stadium show featuring Billy Joel and Elton John together. Additionally, David racked up an impressive string of studio credits, including work on Steve Vai's "Passion and Warfare", and Whitesnake's "Slip of the Tongue".

As David spent more time in recording studios, he developed a strong interest in the process of music production. Eventually, this interest spawned a project involving a select group of players - who formed the basis for what would become RED DAWN.

David's notoriety in Japan drew early support from Tack Takahashi, who as Director of Tours for UDO Artists (Japan's largest music promoter), had booked David's previous tours of Japan. With Tack's assistance, David Rosenthal landed a Japanese deal with EMI/Toshiba. David hand-picked his band and produced their first LP "Never Say Surrender." The album has been very well received in Japan, and has already received international acclaim in the press. "Never Say Surrender" was recently released in the UK on the NOW & THEN record label, and is again enjoying unprecedented critical acclaim along with brisk sales.

Besides David Rosenthal, RED DAWN features the talents of four other experienced musicians: Larry Baud, an extraordinary vocal discovery, has been a veteran of the Mid-Atlantic club circuit...Tristan Avakian, with his remarkable technique and melodic feel, could be the guitar hero of the '90's...Bassist Greg Smith has been the rock-solid bottom for such luminaries as Alice Cooper and Vinnie Moore...and Chuck Bürgi, also a former member of Rainbow, has additionally provided the beat behind Hall and Oates, Meatloaf, Blue Oyster Cult and Brand X.


KERRANG! MAGAZINE - UK - November 1994 - KKKK

PREVIOUSLY ONLY available in Japan, 'Never Say Surrender' is a record that requires immediate purchase if you're into Night Ranger and bands of that ilk. Red Dawn are capable of achieving stuff as on the ball as that with relative ease.

Formed by ex-Rainbow keyboardist David Rosenthal and also featuring the likes of drummer Chuck Bürgi (Rainbow, Meat Loaf) and vocalist Larry Baud, Red Dawn play awesome Hard Rock songs with acres of melody. Whiz-kid axe hero Tristan Avakian supplies the flash to the outrageous brilliance of 'Flyin' High', the inspiring 'I'll Be There' and the Wingeresque 'Dangerous Child'.

Red Dawn only stumble with the big ballad 'Take These Chains'. But 'Never Say Surrender', at the end of the day, is a minor masterpiece. - Dave Reynolds

RAW MAGAZINE - UK - November 1994 - XXXX1/2

ALL HAIL Red Dawn, whose debut album commences with a flamboyant keyboard flourish from one-time Rainbow man David Rosenthal, kick in with a solid House of Lords-style riff and is propelled into the stratosphere by Larry Baud's soaring vocals...and that's just the opener, 'Flyin' High'! Inevitably, the songs are based around Rosenthal's deft touches, but there's plenty of widdling and all-round musicality - notably from another former Rainbow man, drummer Chuck Bürgi, and ex-Alice Cooper bassist Greg Smith - plus songs that match their pedigree. Kick-ass North American Rock! - Dave Lino

FOUNDATIONS MAGAZINE - US - October 24, 1994

Although released as an import for quite some time, Red Dawn is really just now starting to make a name for themselves in the States. The band is comprised of former Rainbow keyboardist David Rosenthal and drummer Chuck Bürgi, bassist Greg Smith (Alice/Vinnie Moore), vocalist Larry Baud, and new guitar extraodinnaire Tristan Avakian. Their debut release Never Say Surrender has received numerous praises overseas in mags such as Burrn and Rock Report. Produced by Rosenthal himself, the album is packed with plenty of power, melody, and superb musicianship. If you like bands such as House Of Lords and Asia (believe it or not, there is still a market for this stuff) these guys are for you. - AM

FRONTIER MAGAZINE - UK - December 1994

It has been a long time coming but Mark Ashton at Now & Then has finally come up with a beauty. Originally released in Japan over a year ago this, the debut album from Red Dawn is very good indeed. Fans of "I'll Be There" the stand-out track on the Dream in Colour sampler will be quite happy as album opener "Flyin' High" kicks in with a real statement of intent. Ex U.S.A. vocalist Larry Baud catches the eye with his fine wide ranging performance. There is something for everyone here as keyboard player and Red Dawn main man David Rosenthal (ex Rainbow) leads his troops through a variety of material, from the high pomp of "Liar" and "Dangerous Child" to the sublime ballad "Take These Chains" all which highlight Tristan Avakian's sharp but melodic guitar lines.

A terrific debut and to think the band originally featured Mitch Malloy, one time great white hope of all things AOR. Career direction is a very funny thing. - Dave Vousden