David Rosenthal

    Full Sail University Q&A Video Interviews 2012

    An Introduction of David Rosenthal

    Question: Have you learned a "code of the road?" If you have your own "code of the road," what would it be?

    Question: What sound libraries and plug ins do you use?

    Question: Do you still have a Leslie mic'd under the stage?

    Question: When you are working with different artists, how often are they trained in music theory?

    Question: What was the competition like at Berklee College of Music?

    Question: How much practicing do you do? Is it different when you're touring or when you're at home?

    Question: How do you go about crafting sounds for live performance?

    Question: How do you get your sounds and parts to cut through in the mix?

    Question: How do you control levels across a big stage? Do you use in-ear monitors?

    Question: Your stage looks very simple but isn't it technically very involved?

    Question: A lot of companies have to be a tight group, is it like that on a tour?

    Question: You orchestrated Yngwie Malmsteen's concerto. What was it like working with him?

    Question: Do you have perfect pitch?

    Question: What was it like playing Let it Be with Paul McCartney at Shea Stadium?

    Question: Besides playing, orchestrating and conducting, what other roles did you have for Last Play at Shea?

    Question: Last year the top ticket sales were veteran artists. Why is that?

    Question: What have been some of the highlights of your long and accomplished career?

    Question: What are your thoughts about touring the world?

    Question: What advice do you have for young students and upcoming artists?

    Question: Can you speak a little bit about your new project with Steve Vai?

    Question: Who are some of your biggest influences?


    Nocturnal Productions, Inc.
    Nocturnal Productions, Inc.