Billy Joel – Piano Man


Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook
Format: Softcover, 88 pages
Artist: Billy Joel
Arranger: David Rosenthal


David Rosenthal, Billy’s keyboardist and Music Director, has carefully arranged all the tracks from Joel’s classic 1973 release to combine the piano parts and vocal melodies into playable arrangements while transcribing those classic piano parts that are integral to each song. This book features the iconic title track and nine others: Ain’t No Crime • (The) Ballad of Billy the Kid • Captain Jack • If I Only Had the Words (To Tell You) • Somewhere Along the Line • Stop in Nevada • Travelin’ Prayer • Worse Comes to Worst • You’re My Home. Also includes a foreword by David Rosenthal.

Review from Keyboard Magazine
Why are we reviewing sheet music in 2013 for the 1973 album that put Billy Joel on the map? Because this isn’t your parents’ Billy Joel songbook. Retail sheet music sometimes omits or shortens solos, oversimplifies chords, and otherwise bastardizes how the artist really played the song. So Joel asked his longtime keyboardist and band director David Rosenthal to go over his entire catalog, correcting or sometimes entirely re-transcribing each piece. This is the first fruit of that labor, and Joel’s signature intros, solos, and flourishes are among the elements that are reproduced with loving detail and pinpoint accuracy. On songs where the original instrumentation was other than piano, Rosenthal has devised piano arrangements that sound great while still making room for any piano parts Joel played, note for note. We’ve always known Rosenthal to be a perfectionist, and here, that has created a new platinum standard for piano/vocal songbooks. It’s like discovering these songs all over again.

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